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 Eben Goodale


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I am interested in the connection between three fields of ecology: behavioral ecology, community ecology and conservation.  How does behavior, particularly communication, affect the interactions between species, and how can knowledge about such interactions be integrated into conservation and management plans? In behavioral ecology, I have worked primarily on vocal communication in birds.  Ongoing research investigates vocal mimicry in drongos, and the propagation of alarm calls and contact calls in birds that live in groups. In community ecology, I am interested in loose mutualisms and species associations or interdependencies in such mutualisms, including mixed-species flocks of birds and interactions between frugivores and fruiting trees. Conservation is an important application of much of my work.  I am currently working on how land-use affects mixed-species flocks in Sri Lanka and India. I am also interested in reforestation and species enrichment in agricultural environments, and the role of animals in these processes.


Yang Xiaodong(杨效东)


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Quan Ruichang权锐昌



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Wang Bo (王 博)

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Meng Lingzeng(孟令曾)

Meng lingzeng  2005-2007

Major:  Conservation botany


Thesis: The study on plant ex-situ community conservation ——Based on national conserved plant Parashorea chinensis


 Song Yu(宋 钰)

sy  2008-2011

Major: Plant Molercular Biology


Thesis: The function exploration of four plant WRKY transcription factors


Christos Mammides (2014-2015)

Profile Picture 2Postdoctoral Research Fellow


I received my PhD degree, in Conservation Biology, from Imperial College London where I studied the impacts of anthropogenic activities on bird communities in protected areas, using data from Kenya and Cyprus. My current project aims at exploring the robustness of interspecific associations in mixed-species bird flocks and examining how those may change under different land use types. I am also interested in using bioacoustic technology to monitor changes in bird communities in the forest fragments in Xishuangbanna.


Matthew William Warren


Mukherjee Aeshita


Jocelyn Behm 

Behm-Photo-150x150Research Description: I am a visiting student to Professor Chen Jin’s research group. My interests are evolutionary ecology, biodiversity conservation and aquatic ecology. Previously, I merged these fields for my Masters thesis investigating hybridization between two stickleback fish species from British Columbia, Canada. I am currently a third-year Ph.D. student from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As a member of UW-Madison’s IGERT program entitled Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development in Southwest China (, I am conducting my Ph.D. research in Xishuangbanna. My research focuses on how land use change, predators, prey resources, and phenotypic plasticity interact to affect the way frogs select breeding and non-breeding habitats. I will be at XTBG through at least Fall 2010 and plan to graduate in 2011.